Old Farts of Metal Podcast – Episode 3 – Metal Shards

On today’s show I have for you:

1. The Order of Israfel – Von Strumer
2. Rage – Spirit of the Night
3. Earth Ship – Valley of Thorns
4. HellYeah – X
5. Ektomorf – Brotherhood of Man (Tribute to Lemmy)
6. North – Primal Bloom
7. Rising – All Dirt
8. Discharge – New World Order
9. Accuser – Unreal Perception
10. Destruction – Under Attack

At the suggestion of a listener, I have decided to combine episodes into similar genres. At this time I am creating categories for Progressive Metal, Metal, and Extreme Metal. This episode falls into the “Metal” category. I have decided to call this type of show “Metal Shards”.

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Keep those horns up,